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Tips to Forming a Daily Action Plan Using the ABCDE Method

How do you start your day? Do you have a plan in your head or you are spontaneous and allow your day to run as it comes? We all know how important breakfast is or for some, a glass of water is essential to start your day, this ritual can help fuel your day and help you function effectively.

Do you know strategically planning your day is just as important as eating breakfast or taking a glass of water in order to prepare for challenges?

Introducing a daily action plan into your routine is easy and it is essential to creating a balance in life and your business.

The ABCDE method is a simple and effective way to prioritize your daily tasks. This technique is action-oriented which makes it very effective. You can start the ABCDE method by listing everything you want to do. Once your list is complete, start the method:

A - Something very important. This is something you must do and attracts a high consequence if you don't. If you have more than one important tasks to do, write A-1, A-2, A-3, and so on.

B - Something important with low consequence and it is not as important as A. The rule is you should never do task B when there is an A task left undone.

C - Task with zero consequences. This task does not affect your business. The rule is you can never complete task C when there are A and B tasks left undone.

D - Delegate tasks that others can do to free up your schedule.

E - Eliminate things that are not necessary.

The ABCDE method is to control your time and help you become discipline towards work.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to multi-task and sometimes feel unproductive at the end of a long day. Why? This is because there is no plan in place. We just juggle tasks as they come and cannot decipher between the important and the urgent tasks.

Dear entrepreneurs, be in control of your daily routines to be more efficient. You can check out these time management apps to help you prioritize and boost your productivity: Todoist and Pipefy.

We will keep rooting for you!


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