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The excitement and the adrenaline rush of starting a new year can be intoxicating as we start the mental wish list of living a healthy life by joining the gym, reading more books, networking, posting more content on our socials, engaging with our customers often, etc. The list is endless. Truly, some of us take it a step further by writing it in a journal while we smile and feel good about ourselves.

But you know what? You did exactly the same thing in 2021. Some things you started but along the way adjusted to your old routine in a few weeks. You also procrastinated on some goals, you keep pushing till the year ends. Can you see a pattern here?

We know goal setting is mostly talked about and in some cases explicitly explained but you can’t just seem to religiously achieve most of your goals. According to a research by the University of Scranton, 92 percent of people that set new year's goals never actually achieve them. Sadly, the possibility that you are one of the 92 percent is high.

To be a successful entrepreneur, to live a healthy lifestyle, engage better with your customers or do whatever you have written in your journal, you need more than just goal setting. Now, what do you need?

  1. Goals evaluation - After you’ve written those goals, ask yourself if they are realistic. We won’t want you to get caught up in emotions without objectively evaluating each goal. You want to make $150,000 by the end of 2022, yet have you considered what value your business is currently offering? What was your revenue for 2021? How will you solidify your plans to achieve your goals? These are questions worth asking. Make sure you’re weighing and critically observing your goals. Don’t just make a wish!

  2. Secondly, big plans can be broken into smaller bits. Fear can be a stumbling block or a limitation especially if you set a big goal like writing a book. Thinking about this goal can be daunting. What can you do? Start small. Start by writing a sentence a day, until you are able to push to 5 sentences. That’s how growth happens!

  3. Lastly, don’t overthink it when you can just do it. Let worrying stay in 2021. Take action in 2022.

When you do these, write down your wins and journal through your journey. It will serve as a reminder that you are capable of greatness and can achieve more. Dear entrepreneur, brace up because the journey is far, conquer your fears because it has nothing on you, and do more this year because you can!


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