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4 Ways to Strategically Plan your 2022 Business Goals

Dear entrepreneur,

What’s your plan for 2022? This is the perfect time to reflect on 2021. Rounding off the year without strategically planning for next year and putting in place your goals is setting up for failure. Reflecting on 2021 can set up your business for growth in 2022.

While the uncertainties that COVID19 brings continue to linger, we want you to see this as a nudge to show up for your business regardless. It’s okay to review your strategy in a few months' time, what is not okay is to remain stagnant and not allow your business to grow. It’s time to go BIG.

Here is how you can strategically plan for next year;

1. Analyze Market Trends - Keep an eye on consumer buying habits and trends in 2022 in order to scale. Online shopping is here to stay dominantly. Consumers are now passive, they shop while they scroll Instagram or Facebook. Consumers making lists and visiting an online store are going to exile. The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has also made consumers be guarded about their spending. Will the market evolve with the new year? Fingers crossed.

2. Meet your customers where they are - Your target audience are real people with real challenges and they have a place they go and things they like. Are you where they are? As a business, what stresses your consumers will stress you, and what makes them excited is an opportunity for you to explore. Where are your consumers? Meet them there!

3. Optimize social media channels - Showing up on Facebook once or twice a week will not help your business in 2022. Posting what you like and when you like is not a good strategy too. Using Facebook only because that’s what you’re comfortable with will make your business look unserious. Where are the platforms your consumers are? Can they find you there? Are you visible and in their faces? Everyone is going digital, 2022 will not be different. Now is the best time to optimize your social platforms in preparation for the new year.

4. Define your business goals - We all know what we want at the back of our minds and that’s okay for you but not okay for your business. Knowing what you want without defining and writing them down is a wish. They are not goals if not well defined and written. The only good thing about your wish is if it doesn’t yield results, it doesn’t matter. Define your business goals and make sure you hold yourself and your team accountable for the results.

Dear entrepreneur, nobody knows what 2022 will look like but we will be doing our businesses a disservice if we don’t take full responsibility and plan it strategically. Don’t be caught unguarded, prepare your business for whatever may come, and expect to scale successfully through it all!


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