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In exactly a month from now, we’ll enter into the new year with hope and aspirations. Well for some, it’s just another day. Undoubtedly, 2021 has been so many things for many female entrepreneurs. Some businesses failed, some got funding while others decided to always show up come rain come shine.

For you that keeps showing up regardless of the challenges you face daily and the victories you've won, we applaud you. You're a step closer than yesterday.

Importantly, to end this year efficiently, you need to do these three things to help you prepare for what is coming in 2022. Ready? Let's go!

1. Have a theme for the year - What is the one thing you'd want to achieve next year? You may want to build your contacts and intentionally network. This way, you can theme 2022 as a year to network and ensure to cluster your plans into the simplest form. This can be top priority and your decisions can revolve around this theme.

2. Recognize what works and what needs evaluation - What social media platform gave you more traction? What content got the highest engagements? Check your data insights to see what needs tweaking. What is that one thing that doubled your profit? Recognize where the growth is coming from and do not forget to evaluate your approach. Decide on that before 2022.

3. Celebrate your victories - You've done excellently well! You should celebrate yourself no matter how the year ends. You're a fighter and you keep fighting to dream big. You've started a business, gained a new customer or even had to shut down operations because of your mental health. You are a winner and we applaud you for doing a fantastic job building your business. We see you!

In as much as we want you to be able to dream big, we also want you to be a doer. It is not enough to think or dream about what you should be doing.

Keep going, Greatness!


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