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ImpactHER and AU-CIEFFA Empower African Women and Girls Through Skill Development and Training

Digital Skills

In an era where technological advances and entrepreneurial innovation are reshaping the global landscape, it is imperative to equip women and girls with the necessary skills to thrive. ImpactHER, in collaboration with the African Union International Centre for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa (AU/CIEFFA), have taken monumental steps in this direction by successfully completing the first cohort of the pilot phase of an empowerment program for African youths, especially women and girls.

Under the theme "Digital Skills for All: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEAM, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship," ImpactHER and AU/CIEFFA trained 479 young people, most of whom are women and girls from across Africa in the first cohort. The daily training sessions, which spanned a month, aimed to address the critical need for digital skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship training among African women and girls.


The participants engaged in a rich mix of practical training sessions that covered essential aspects of digital skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

Efe Ukala, the founder of ImpactHER, said during the closing ceremony, “This program is a testament to the transformational power of education and skills development. We believe that within these women and girls lie the seeds of Africa’s Renaissance. Through their empowerment, we are unlocking boundless potential that will shape the future of the African continent. Our partnership with AU/CIEFFA is a catalyst for change, fueling the aspirations and unlocking the potential of African women and girls."

Yougbare Boubakar, Programs officer of the AU/CIEFFA, speaking on behalf of the Acting Coordinator, Mrs. Simone Yankey, remarked, “You have acquired knowledge that can be applied not only in your personal lives but also in your professional journeys. I am confident that the knowledge you have acquired here will be a catalyst for your future success”

One of the participants, Aincha Aboubakar from Comoros, expressed her gratitude by saying, “I now have a well established plan with a well defined perspective. The training was very interactive and we were given the working tools we needed to build our capacity and there was even a mentoring programme available for free with ImpactHER for more personalised support”.

The impact of this program extends beyond the individuals who were trained. It is an investment in the foundation of a society. When women and girls are equipped with skills and knowledge, they not only improve their personal prospects but also contribute positively to their communities. They start businesses, create jobs, and are better prepared to support and educate future generations.

This initiative by ImpactHER and AU-CIEFFA signifies an important milestone in the pursuit of gender equality and the socio-economic empowerment of women in Africa. It’s a call to action for stakeholders across the continent to recognize and invest in the immense potential of women and girls, not just as a force for economic development, but as crucial contributors to societal progress and stability. Through such endeavors, we are collectively paving the way for a prosperous and inclusive Africa.


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