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Female Entrepreneurs Unite: Tips for Balancing Work-Life Responsibilities

As a female entrepreneur, you’re likely juggling a wide range of things all at once. Your plate isn’t just full - it’s overflowing, and the work doesn’t stop when you get home. Part of the reason for this hustling lifestyle is your entrepreneurial outlook and mentality. But the very thing that drives your success can be the cause of burnout, exhaustion, and frustration. The guide below will help you learn ways to do it all.

Clarify Your Vision

How can you work towards your goals if you’re unsure what they are? You need to have a clear business vision or outline that you’re working towards and can refer back to. This document should include information on your long-term goals, shortcomings that need to be worked upon, strategies to achieve success, and more. According to Harvard Business Review, jotting down your values and a sense of purpose will also be critical here, as it will point the way to using your talents to your advantage.

Don’t Compare Yourself

We live in the age of she-ros and thriving female entrepreneurs. While progress is fantastic, try not to constantly compare yourself against these business giants. After all, we all have different challenges and personal situations, and it is never a good idea to compare yourself in a negative light. Instead, use these female entrepreneurs as inspiration and try to focus on carving out your path instead.

Watch Your Calendar

Managing your calendar is all about efficient and effective time management. It is one of the most important skills you can pick up simply because you have so many responsibilities to juggle all at once. Start by figuring out your priorities regarding tasks, obligations, and duties. Then, take a look at your week and slot in all the appropriate activities each day based on their level of importance. The best way to do this? Use a monthly planner resource! Planning with an online monthly calendar will help you stay on track and manage all your female entrepreneur tasks with ease. You can also customize your planner with graphics, videos, and notes, which will be highly effective in keeping your deadlines and tasks top of mind. Another effective mechanism to better manage your time is to time batch your work or use a strategy like the Pomodoro Technique to finish your work more efficiently.

Family Comes first

A study by Palgrave Communications reported that family ties could often be a burden for women entrepreneurs, particularly as they try to break through the glass ceiling. As such, many women have to sideline their families to achieve business success. However, it is essential to take a more holistic view of success, where your personal life is as thriving as your professional one. Prioritizing your family as much as your work will come with immense satisfaction and unparalleled reward. If you’re struggling to achieve that balance, try some of the strategies below:

Schedule it in: Whether it’s your grandma’s 80th or helping your kids with homework, scheduling family activities is a great way to ensure you have time for them.

Prioritize quality time: Quality over quantity. When you’re spending time with your loved ones, try to take your mind off work, so you’re fully present and engaged.

Ask for help: Running a business and family will take all hands on deck! Get your partner or other family members to help tackle the responsibilities.

Women in business are typically juggling work responsibilities, caring for family members and friends, and helping manage the household - all while trying to make time for personal interests and passions. But as more women enter the workforce than ever, that much sought-after work-life balance will be critical. Be sure to implement our tips for business success!

Credit: Gloria Martinez


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