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“Look at things not as they are, but as they can be.” ― David J. Schwartz

We challenge African female entrepreneurs and fund managers to grow their business and build legacy businesses or funds.  Consequently, we provide entrepreneurs with world-class training while being cognizant of local values that will allow them to expand their market footprint. We help expand African Female Entrepreneurs market footprint through our programs.

AdvanceHER Program

Are you interested in growing your business into a legacy business or just increasing your market footprint? Then the AdanceHER program is for you!


AdanceHER is targeted to African female business owners that are interested in scaling their business and gaining more market presence. AdvanceHer offers insight on global best practices and addresses challenges associated with female entrepreneurship and how to overcome such challenges. Attendees will learn how to manage their value and supply chain, effectively develop their businesses, position their brand to become a market leader, etc. 

UpliftHER Program

Are you interested in getting funding from high networth individuals, private equity funds, venture capitalist, etc. Then the UpliftHER program is the right program for you. 


UpliftHER prepares African businesses to be investor-ready.  Attendees will gain practical insights on how to value their businesses,  what investors look for and expect from the companies they fund, how investors approach to deal structuring, etc. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from investors, as well as those that have successfully raised funds from institutional investors. 



ConnectHer focuses on training entrepreneurs on the art of networking, best practices when reaching out to potential investors and how to select the right investor. 

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