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A Transformative Force for Women-Led Businesses in Africa

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), established on January 1, 2021, has the potential to revolutionize Africa's economic landscape. By connecting 1.3 billion people across 55 African countries 1, the AfCFTA could boost Africa's GDP by $450 billion by 2035, fostering inclusive growth and transforming the continent's economic narrative.

Pivotal to the realization of this goal are the Women-led Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (WSMEs), the unsung heroes contributing significantly to Africa's economy. Predominantly leading the agricultural, manufacturing, and textile sectors 3, WSMEs form the backbone of Africa's economic fabric. Nonetheless, they face a spectrum of unique challenges that, if unaddressed, could hamper their growth and undermine the broader potential of the AfCFTA.This is as a result of ImpactHER's commitment to helping African women-led businesses in Africa. The policy brief document is shown below:

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