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Our Ambassadors

“It doesn’t take strength to win, it takes the true heart of the team to win.” – Emily Voyles

Victoria from Namibia.jpg

Victoria Haihambo,
ImpactHER Ambassador, Namibia

Victoria Haihambo is the founder of Agelvipa Online, an e-commerce and Women Empowerment Platform. She has over seven years experience in Local Economic Development and Business Support services.

Sonia from Mozambique_edited.jpg

Sónia Muianga,
ImpactHER Ambassador, Mozambique

Sónia Muianga is a risk and compliance officer, novel writer, and founder of Afrosisters, Lda. She has been a part of the ImpactHER community for about a year and worked to implement ImpactHER's women’s day training for female entrepreneurs in Mozambique in honor of International Women’s Day 2020.

Nyarai from Zimbabwe_edited.jpg

Nyarai Sabeka,
ImpactHER Ambassador, Zimbabwe

Nyarai Sabeka is a part-time teaching assistant at the Zimbabwe Open University Department of Applied Social Sciences. She is also an academic researcher and has written a number of articles and presented on several platforms.

Hiwot from Ethiopia _edited.jpg

Hiwot Tsegaye Alene,
ImpactHER Ambassador, Ethiopia

Hiwot Tsegaye Alene is a female entrepreneur and owner of BOQA LEATHER, involved in manufacturing leather products. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management. 

Mrs Ibe from Nigeria_edited.jpg

Uchenna Ibe,
ImpactHER Ambassador, Nigeria

Uchenna Ibe is the Founder and CEO of Ivy League collections Ltd, an Interior design and soft furnishing manufacturing company based in Lagos. Mrs. Ibe holds an MBA from Walden University, United States.

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