Victoria Haihambo

Victoria Haihambo is the founder of Agelvipa Online an e-commerce and Women Empowerment Platform. She has over seven years of experience in Local Economic Development and Business Support services.

She has won several awards on entrepreneurship such as:

  • Namibia Business Hall of Fame (2020): She was inaugurated to the Namibia Business Hall of Fame as an Emerging Entrepreneur

  • Laureate for Namibia (2019): She was selected as a Laureate for Namibia by Women In Africa Enterprise.

  • Country winner for BoostUp Southern Africa Competition organized by Southern Africa Innovative Support.

  • Finalist for Entrepreneurship World Cup Namibia. 

  • One of the winners selected for 1000 entrepreneurs Challenge under Africa France Summit 2020.

 In October 2020 she was invited to train the Youth of GIMAC (Gender is My Campaign) under the Africa Union and became a member of GIMAC.